Cockpit Breitling B50 for all pilots and flight professionals

By | 2017-01-12

A repica watches designed for all pilots and flight professionals. Aviation, its needs and its techniques are at the center of the new chronograph launched by the brand Breitling replica, a guarantee of watches for professionals. The new clock presented by maison is the Cockpit B50, a very comprehensive and performant.

Cockpit Breitling B50

The new electronic Cockpit Breitling chronograph with a B50 analog and digital which condenses between all the functions that might be useful to professional pilots. The watch is equipped with:

  • Chronograph with split times
  • flyback tool that makes return the hands in early position with a single press
  • a second time zone
  • a perpetual calendar
  • two alarms (with one ringtone and one with vibration)
  • a “lap” function to count the number of times per lap
  • a countdown timer with alarm.

No feature is then been excluded from this singular clock equipment so it is ready for all challenges. His movement are connected also:

  • an electronic speedometer
  • a system “countdown/countup” for countdown and timing
  • an aircraft device “chrono flight” to record the flight times by storing the departure time, arrival time and date.

The Cockpit B50 eventually consumes the time base (i.e. universal coordinated time) – the official time reference for aviation – which allows riders freedom even when they move between different time zones.

This watch has a quartz movement and is a COSC-certified chronograph.

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