Hublot replica Classic Fusion “Chukkers”, what’s so great?

By | 2017-02-24

During the last edition of the Hublot replica Polo Gold Cup was presented the hublot luxury watches Classic Fusion “Chukkers” which has the particularity to measure the duration of each game time. Here are his particular aesthetic characteristics.

Hublot replica

A classic and elegant looking watch, very refined lines and impressive operation. Hublot Classic Fusion 45 mm has a Chukker shades sandblasted Titanium “Earth”. Inside it houses a HUB 1141 chronograph movement. It is a chronograph bicompax with a counter that is 9 hours and measures 7.5 minutes of every chukker in Golden.

An elegant watch that those buttons that look bulky but decided that jar and not become the wristwatch, certainly, into something more like a stopwatch. From an aesthetic point of view, one cannot overlook the colour choice of major current trend, namely beige, black and grey-brown. The satin finish soleil centrale is very nice. Give light to the chronograph applied indexes and hands luminous beige. To complete this picture very gentle beige calfskin strap is there with the stitching sewn on the rubber.

To get this gem on your wrist watches replica but there is the need to have a little nest egg. It is a limited and numbered Edition. Will be placed on the market, in fact, just 200 copies.

Also notice the sports and competitive context in which it was shown this new Hublot replica watch. Write the media partners:

On the field, the teams, with swing and lapels, showed the full power of their horses and the accuracy of their sporting technique. Off camera, the guests had fun driving Ferrari supercar, new entry into the tournament and brand partner of Hublot by 2011, and have deepened their knowledge of horology at the Hublot Watch Academy. Collaborating with the most prestigious polo teams and with the most legendary tournaments of the circuit, over the past decade Hublot has played a major role in the sport of Kings.

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