Omega Speedmaster Professional watches replica Apollo 11 commemorates the landing of human on the Moon

By | 2017-01-12

One of the new models offered by Omega celebrates the most important goal reached by modern man in science and Astronomy: the conquest of space and man’s landing on the moon. To be awarded this lofty task is in fact the Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 limited edition 45th anniversary, a clock from the collection that has always accompanied the astronauts in their space travel.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 limited edition 45th anniversary

It was just the Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional 1969 to accompany the man on the Moon for the first time and to participate in subsequent manned Gemini and Apollo missions, or the Apollo Soyuz test project and Skylab, always following the NASA astronauts.

Now this new Omega chronograph want to remember those moments, because it is the only watch that over time has passed stringent tests for eligibility set by NASA, which include exposure to strong magnetic fields, high or low temperatures, heavy vibration and shock. All this, of course, in complete weightlessness.

The new Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 limited edition 45th anniversary was previewed at Baselworld 2014 and will be produced in a limited edition of commemorative just 1969 pieces.

This particular piece is made of titanium and gold Sedna 28 ct. Gold Sedna is in turn a special blend of specially patented gold where are gold, copper and Palladium, and has a typical pink color, which can be seen in the chest – the bezel in particular. The name, not surprisingly, comes from a planet trans-Neptunian object that shows a red surface. Also index and hands are made of the same material.

The case measures 42 mm and the movement is wound. The bezel also shows a black ceramic disc tech, while the dial is in PVD. Brown coated nylon fabric strap, according to tradition, NASA. Will be available by June 2014.

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