Panerai Luminor top diving replica watches

By | 2017-01-14

When you take a survey of the world’s best diver’s watches always Rolex Submariner is out, but there is also another extremely exciting model as the Panerai Luminor.

The Rolex Subariner we talked about stating the characteristics that make it one of the best diving watches ever. Similarly we have spoken of the Panerai Luminor on other occasions. Today we highlight the underwater features.

Panerai Luminor top diving replica watches

The Panerai Luminor replica watches has a long story to tell: it has been used for many years as a professional military divers watch to become an object of worship. Founded in 1860 in Florence, this Italian brand can rely on a long tradition. Panerai began his collaboration with the Navy in 1900, creating pocket watches and precision instruments. Then it transitions to development of new models which had their strength in the quadrants radio-based and patented self-illuminating how Radiomir.

At the end of 1940, Panerai replica has replaced the Radiomir, a luminous material but considered dangerous by the Luminor, a luminous material based on tritium. However, only a very few watches have resisted the requests made by the military. Panerai serves Italian and Egyptian Navy by 60 years.

Panerai has unveiled the first clocks for the civilian market in 1993: the models Luminor and Luminor Marina. To make the best publicity helped Sylvester Stallone, a fan of the brand from the beginning, who has worn the Luminor in the 1996 movie “Daylight”, triggering a boom in sales. His colleague, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wore a Luminor in the 1996 film “Eraser”. In 1997, the group, now Richemont, took over the brand, including all technical papers, patents, and broth.

From his first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in ‘ 98, specialist shops battled to get hold of one of the few Panerai licenses available, and collectors have staked everything on limited editions. One of the best selling models is the Luminor 1950 3 Days PAM 372. Today, there are historical lines Radiomir 1940 and the Luminor 1950 and contemporary lines Radiomir, Luminor and Luminor Two. All to try

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